Selling a house due to divorce

This is pretty simple…first establish what you need to do.

The divorce is much quicker if your husband or wife agrees to it and a family lawyer can help considerably with the process. They can answer that question, who gets the house in a divorce. If your husband or wife does not agree, the divorce can take much longer. If you can not agree on these items, the family lawyers can assist you to make the process complete as swiftly as possible.

Divorce who gets what: my partner wants the house

It is important to consider divorce settlements, what am I entitled to in a divorce and who gets what in a divorce. Try to be as fair as possible with your partner as they are more likely to agree to a swift divorce settlement.

In order for the process to take 4 months, you need to agree on the following with your husband or wife, in addition to once you divorce who gets the house:

  • How the children will be looked after, what am I entitled to in a divorce.
  • An explanation of reasons for the divorce.
  • Divorce finances – how the assets, property, money and possessions will be divided between you.

We would like to help if you are in the UK, so please contact us if you want to sell your place due to a divorce.


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